Monday, November 14, 2011

Dumpster diving!

Tuesday is trash day around here and as I drive through the neighborhood on my way to work, I always take a lap around to see if there are any good finds!
I made my two daughters get out of the car once and grab what looked like some nice Lego boards (they were!) what a score!  I also picked up an old chest of drawers once that proved to be a very useful storage piece for me!
One day a couple of months ago, I spotted a real find.  I have been looking for awhile for a small stool to repurpose into a side table for my family room.  Nothing special, just a nice wooden stool.  Well, lucky me, on a Tuesday trash day, I found just that.  A small wooden stool sitting out by the curb, just waiting to be picked up! I wasted no time and snatched it up! (My daughters were with me but this time I decided it was my turn to dive!).
This stool was in good condition, didn't need much work.  A light paint job on the legs, then a little scruffing to look "nicely" worn-in.  The light wooden seat needed something special though.  This took me some time to figure out what to do with it.
At first, I thought about painting a clock face on it.  I worked hard to find the right face to copy to paint on there, but nothing really inspired me.
Then I thought, maybe some vintage style numbers or a mural of some sort, but no, it was still not right.
I have been a fan of the vintage prints on The Graphics Fairy and during one of my browsing sessions, I happened upon a really great French Typography Image that I just loved.  Finally, this was my inspiration!
Some painting and scruffing later...I had my finished stool/side table. My one daughter saw the finished product and said "Cool table Mom! Where did you get this?" I had to remind her that this was the same stool I picked from the curb and that I "fixed" it up! She couldn't believe it!
Check it out!

It looks really great and it looks even better sitting next to my chair in my family room and is a great little resting place for my glass of wine!  The best thing is that it practically cost me nothing...have to love that! 

I am writing this Monday night, so tomorrow is Tuesday and another trash day.  Who knows what treasures I might find!

Happy crafting!
Dee Dee


  1. Beautiful job!!! Don't you just love the Graphics Fairy....she has the best stuff!!

  2. The moment you said "curb" you got my attention! Congrats on the new crafting venture - it's definitely addictive!
    Ms. SweetGirl Expressionista herself has also been a great motivator to me and my blogs - even from afar!
    Good luck.