Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mini Moochers!

I am blessed to have 2 very great daughters who are an inspiration for my work, and for the name of my blog and business, sweetgirlcrafts.  I am, however, learning that this crafting lifestyle has proven to be too much temptation for my little girls, or my "mini moochers", as I like to call them.

Not only are they fascinated with everything that I make, they love when I bring home my "flea market treasures" as well.  One of my most prized finds is an old Royal typewriter that is just beautiful.  It is in perfect condition and even came in the case with the original "duster" used to clean the perfectly round glass keys.

This typewriter looks great in my living room, perched on top of a bar.  Unfortunately, one of my mini moochers discovered it and decided it was a play toy.  "Mom, I like that new thing in the living room, that you can push buttons on!" she exclaimed as she was moving her fingers up and down.  Great.  I didn't know whether to be more upset that she was playing with my treasure or with the fact that she had no idea what a typewriter was! (now I am sounding old!).  Needless to say, when the other "mini moocher" heard this, she immediately had to check it out.  I let them play, while I supervised, until one of the moochers typed out POOPIE on the piece of paper I had in it....okay, now we are finished! No more touching!

But the mooching is really a way of lifestyle for them when it comes to my crafts...

Case in point, my recent fascination with making my rhinestone bling-bling bracelets,  Every time a new one is finished, one of my daughters will get their little hands on it and claim it as their own! 

Thus, making my efforts at actually selling  some of my treasures, a mute point. There is an upside to having them confiscate these.  I have insisted that if they pilfer these bracelets, they must at least put themselves to good use and become spokesmodels for my product! 

So recently, my daughters started coming home with lists of friends who are waiting to purchase one of my bracelets! I have a picture in my head of each of them in class, modeling their bracelets, twisting it this way and that to catch some sunlight and make it really bling!

I am aiming to have these cute bangles on my new Etsy store, sweetgirlcrafts, within the next couple of days, so come check it out!  That is If I can make enough bracelets to actually fullfill the friend requests while keeping the mini moochers at bay!

Sweet Crafting!

Dee Dee

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