Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finally, a use for my Duck Egg!

I am a big fan of Annie Sloan Paint.  She has some wonderful colors, but when I first started out, I found that I relied mainly on the tried and true ones, Old White and Graphite for most of my painting. 

I decided to step a little out of my comfort zone and order a can of Duck Egg blue.  I was so excited about this color.  It is, literally, the color of a robin's egg.  Very delicate and just pretty.  I opened the top of the box it came in and placed it next to my work bench/painting area to anxiously await for a future project!

The can of Duck Egg sat there in my garage for a good few months.  Every time I had a project come up, I would look at that can, and then move on to my Old White.  Thus, my little pot of Duck Egg sat lonely by itself, still in the box it came in, just waiting to unveil it's true potential!

Then, when I was rummaging through some of my great finds, I noticed two metal ornate frames I had picked up...somewhere...

They are brass and have a great ornate leaf design all around.  They looked like they were at one time possibly mirrors.  The back of them has a little "shelf" around it as if the mirror was placed in there, but the clasps or metal flaps that might have held the mirror in place are missing.  So it was hard for me to visualize exactly what to do with these as it would be troublesome getting something to stay put inside the framework.  Still, I thought these were really beautiful when I saw them and surprised at how substantial and quite heavy in weight they were.

I thought a chicken wire memo board might be a nice idea for them and easy to attach as I could wrap the wire somehow in the back through the ornate design, so I went to reach for my tried and true Old White.  Then a thought rushed over me...what about my Duck Egg? Yes, the Duck Egg it is!  Finally, I had found a use for my Duck Egg!

Here is the result of my little project:

I think that the little brass frames look perfect in this color! 

My little pot of Duck Egg no longer sits lonely in my garage.  It has now been proudly moved to my crafting space indoors and is being used again for another project that should be finished shortly.  I am happy to have discovered it's potential!

Sweet Crafting!


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  1. Those turned so pretty :) before you know it you will be using the duck egg color on everything!