Thursday, January 26, 2012

A BIG project...

It has been too long since I have blogged, but it is not entirely my fault.  I am officially blaming technology on this one.  Shortly after the holidays, my PC contracted a nasty little virus, which left me without a computer for weeks!

Now, I have my fair share of technology that kept me going, IPhones, IPads and all that.  However, I was really excited to share on my blog a new project that I am in the middle of and without a computer, my pictures could not be uploaded, so I decided to wait.

Well, I am currently the proud new owner of a Mac computer and couldn't be happier.  Not only with the computer, but with the fact that I can now finally post something new and the BIG project I am currently working on.

A friend of mine recently purchased a paint-your-own-pottery business.  I was super excited for her!  My daughters and I just absolutely LOVE going there and I think with my friend running the will be absolutely fabulous!

I offered to help paint some furniture for her, to give the place a fresh, new look.  So, diving right in, my friend came over with 4 pieces for me to decorate.

The first project was a pretty simple one.  Turn this old table into a kids chalkboard table.  Little did I know that I would end up with a numb thumb from scraping off all of the decade-old stickers on the top of the table!

After they were off however, the task was pretty easy

Here is the finished result...
Some chalkboard paint for the top, a couple coats of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint with a light layer of Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue over it, an attached metal bin painted in the same Duck Egg Blue attached on the side to hold the chalk and erasers, and some painted numerals on the sides...

Much improved!

My next project was a bit more complicated.  It was a big wicker bar that will actually be used as a shelf display piece.  Because the bar was most likely stored outside, it was really beat up looking and the color was faded.  I went through four spray paint cans of antique white to give it a fresh look.  I then painted the inside "blocks" with a mix of Duck Egg blue/Paris Gray (again, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!).  I decided it needed a little something extra, so I adorned the front with a small banner that reads "Paint & Create"

I moved onto the next piece, which was a very large hutch.  I could think of a lot of potential for this, so I was VERY excited to paint it!
I did a wash of Paris Gray Chalk Paint over the whole hutch, leaving some areas uncovered to show the natural wood.  I then did a little "spot antiquing" by taking some Graphite Chalk Paint and adding it to corners so that they looked a little worn.  I also took of the hardware, painted them in Graphite Chalk Paint and then waxed with a dark wax to finish it off.
I antiqued some book pages and added a garland across the front.

And the finished hutch came together like this...
(please excuse the setting, it is cold here now and moving this outside for a pretty picture was NOT an option that day!)

My final project was a bar cart/wheel cart.  It was a really cute piece and a great find by my friend.

A fresh coat of paint and a little french typography was in order!

I decided on Duck Egg Blue for the base with a wash of Paris Gray over it as I was trying to stick with a certain color scheme and look for the store.

And...ooh la la! Now the table is so adorable!  In fact, I am dreading giving this up! It is a great piece that would look awesome as a bar cart in a dining room!

I am hoping that they help give her business that fresh, new look which is really needed.
I really love these pieces and will be kind of sad to give them up, however, I am very happy that they will be put to good use and be able to be enjoyed by many!  

I am anxiously awaiting the next shipment of furniture to paint...stay tuned!

Sweet Crafting!