Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Ugly Chair.....

Months ago, I found this little ugly chair for $4.99.

I liked the carving on the back of the chair, and I had some fabric that I was dying to put onto something, so I decided to take it home with me.

When I went to take off the fabric from the cushion, there were just a TON of staples to remove and I think the fabric that was used was actually a placemat?!

Anyway, when I finally got the placemat off, it revealed an old, stained, yellow cushion underneath.  Obviously, this is why someone tried to cover it, and I guess picked the closest thing they could find...thus, the placemat.

I started by painting the chair with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a new color that I got, French Linen.  I then "distressed" it a little with the Graphite Color and added some Old White for effect.

Then I worked on putting my lovely little fabric on the cushion

And finally, screwed the cushion back on and.................................

The Ugly Duckling has become a Swan!  It is a really cute little chair and my husband really liked it too so we put it upstairs in our balcony hallway, where it looks just perfect.

Sweet Crafting!

Dee Dee

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